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About Us

Meals for SEALs is a company dedicated to providing delicious, healthy, convenient homemade meals delivered right to your door. We began by providing meals to Navy SEALs, who have busy schedules and need the proper nutrition to keep them full of energy for their demanding jobs. We quickly expanded to everyday busy people who lack the time and energy to make the healthy food they know they should be eating.

Our hope is that with the time we dedicate to nutrition and the Meals For SEALs business, we will endlessly benefit others.

Meals For SEALs now only uses all-natural meat products and local, sustainable and organic products when seasonally available, to ensure the best nutritional quality to our clients!


Staff Sergeant Zambon

United States Marine Corps

On January 11th, 2011 I was deployed to Afghanistan, leading an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team in support of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines when I was struck by an Improvised Explosive Device. As a result of the blast, I lost both legs above the knees and was quickly MEDEVAC’D to the United States and the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. I had rehabbed a previous blast injury here in May of 2010 when I lost three distal finger joints while working an IED on my fifth combat tour. I was impressed with the hospital staff’s skill and the beautiful weather conducive to good healing here in beautiful San Diego so as soon as I was stable in Bethesda, MD I was on a KC-130 transport aircraft heading west with my father!

The trauma suffered in this blast injury began a still on-going process of acceptance and physical rehabilitation. All these efforts contribute to the ultimate goal of conquering the new condition and I am pursuing this through the restoration of the ability to affect action lost in the blast with prosthetic proficiency and achieving a mental stake of confidence by accepting it and reaching a peace with the loss. As one could imagine there are many valleys and high and lows to work through in the process, phantom limb pain, soft tissue injuries, learning to use prosthetics, career change, overcoming narcotic dependencies and the unknown picture of the future and one’s ability to lead a fulfilling life. One key thing happened that is changing all of this: joining The Heroes Project and climbing Mount Aconcagua in Argentina with them in February 2011.

The Heroes Project was founded by Tim Medvetz, a motorcycle designer in Los Angeles. Tim himself summited Mt Everest with a fused right foot and numerous pins, braces and metal components throughout his body after suffering a near-death motorcycle accident several years prior. The summiting of Everest transformed Tim’s life and when he met an injured veteran who was dealing with the loss of limbs, it inspired him to create The Heroes Project to give these men and women the same chance to regain their love of and function in life.

I met Tim Medvetz in June at the Camp Pendleton Mud Run where he handed me his card and said to email him if I would commit to a mountain climb. I thought about the magnitude of this commitment for several days, eventually coming to the powerful realization that the life-long gains in ability and accomplishment would dwarf the pain of training, the risk and the suffering of climbing a 22,800 foot-high mountain. So I sent him an email with my acceptance of the opportunity. I met with him again in July and shook hands with the goal of summiting Mt Aconcagua in Argentina in February 2011. The training has been in progress since!

I swim, hike, practice Yoga, Tai Chi, conduct strength training, Pilates, meditation and will have running prosthesis soon to begin running. A critical component in prosthesis function is a proper fitting socket over one’s residual limb and this is best obtained by reaching an optimal low body fat percentage and maintaining it. I had put on approximately 15 extra pounds in this recovery (If I were to make a list of the three top joys in life, delicious meals would be on there!) and so Tim, my prosthetist Peter Harsch and I reached the decision a meal-delivery service would be enlisted to gain control of caloric intake and eat nutritious meals that would promote fat-loss, high-energy levels and rebuild the muscles broken down during the extensive physical training. I had heard from a friend about Meals For SEALS and the nutritious, balanced meals they offer and gave Megan a call to see if we could team up. I explained my situation to her, my goals and The Heroes Project, a 501(c) (3) I was a part of as well as my critical need of a proper diet to obtain key weight loss and healthy energy. Megan was enthusiastic and blew me away (no pun!) by agreeing to my inquiry of a possible sponsorship of two meals–a-day until I climb in February! My diet change now includes four meals a day, spaced no more than four hours apart. A shake loaded with carbohydrates and protein in the morning, two Meals For SEALS meals in the day and a protein shake in the late evening. It has increased my energy levels immensely; caused significant fat loss and has enabled daily hard training and the ability to quickly pack up the days meals in my backpack and be prepared nutritionally for the day.

I am graciously thankful for, excited and am humbled by the support and camaraderie displayed by Megan Brydges and her team at Meals For SEALS. Seeing elements of the community come together like this to not only support a recovery but to facilitate something larger-than-life tells of their selfless dedication and pride in standing by their injured nation’s Warriors as they recover.

Thanks to the Meals For SEALs team for standing beside one of their own and contributing to the climbs ultimate success in their own special way!

Please read more info about The Heroes Project at

Thanks guys!

Mark Zambon
Staff Sergeant/USMC/EOD

How To Order

Choose the day of the week you want delivery of your freshly prepared meals or purchase meals for the whole week (3 meals per day, Monday – Friday).

To Order Online click on the “Menu/Order Online” Tab at the top of the website, Or call 619.800.6325, or email :

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